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Track, analyze, and increase revenue 


Law Firms spend thousands of dollars every month on marketing

Do you know which marketing campaigns are producing the most profitable leads?

Have you ever cancelled an internet marketing campaign because you didn't believe it was performing?

Common pitfalls for most  law firms:

  • Failing to track each marketing campaign separately. 
  • Failing to use call tracking for each campaign. 
  • Each marketing campaign is directed to the same web page. 
  • One intake form used on the website for all marketing campaigns. 

LawyerTrac provides:

Monthly visitor reports per marketing campaign. 

Visitor Traffic Per Campaign 

Calls Per Campaign

Monthly call reports for each marketing campaign.

Web Intake Forms Per Campaign

Monthly website intake forms contacts for each marketing campaign. 

Contacts Recorded 

Contacts are matched monthly to each campaign, and each campaign gets "credit" for the lead. 

ROI Matched

Law firm revenue realized is matched by contact, practice area and campaign. 

Results Increase!

By identifying which campaigns are performing, law firms can grow by focusing  marketing dollars ONLY on the effective campaigns. 

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LawyerTrac Provides

Setup and tracking for each online marketing campaign(ex. Findlaw, AVVO, Justia and Martindale)

Setup for Tracking Online Visitors for Each Marketing Campaign

Call Tracking Setup

Creation and setup of call tracking for each online campaign(ex. Findlaw, AVVO, Justia and Martindale).

Custom Tracked Intake Forms on Each Marketing Campaign

Custom intake forms for each landing page so you will always know which marketing campaign generated the leads. 

Consolidated Monthly Reporting

One monthly report detailing every case you received from each specific marketing campaign. We even track the revenue vs spend for each marketing campaign so you know your ROI. 

No more guessing which campaigns are performing and no more long term contracts that fail to produce results. 

Prospect is tracked to webpage as the legal directory lead.

The LawyerTrac Way

Prospect Googles  "attorney"

Prospect clicks the legal directory link to find your listing

Prospect's calls are tracked as originating from the legal directory online ad. 

The legal directory gets credit for the lead and you increase your monthly spend because it works. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your service agreements?

The minimum length of service is three months. After three months, the service agreement converts to month-to-month with a 30 day cancellation notice sent to  

Do I own the tracking webpages and call tracking numbers?

The tracking webpages and call tracking numbers are part of the monthly service agreement and will no longer be available once the agreement is terminated.  

Why do I need to track my lead sources?

When you spend thousands of dollars each month on lead sources, it is important to know which campaigns are producing viable leads. With this information, you can grow your law firm by focusing your marketing spend solely on the highest lead producing marketing campaigns

How hard is the system to setup?

Immediately after checkout, a setup form will be provided which requests information necessary to begin building the tracking webpages and call tracking numbers for each of your marketing campaigns. The tracking webpages are built based on the information you provide and will look like your current website. 

After your tracking webpages are built, we will provide you with the necessary information to forward to your legal directory provider (like Justia and Avvo) so that their leads can now be tracked through the LawyerTrac system.









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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Law Firm's Marketing Strategy


Implement a lead tracking system that tracks each marketing campaign independently and allows your firm to know exactly which leads originated from each campaign

 Identify the marketing programs generating your law firm's MOST profitable leads.

Build a rock solid lead tracking system.

Analyze data independently for each lead source.

Grow your revenue with the programs that have the highest return. 

By identifying which campaigns are performing, law firms can grow by focusing marketing dollars ONLY on the effective campaigns.